6 Highly Effective Green Cleaning Tips for the Minimalist Home

We all enjoy having a clean and healthy home to live in and share with friends and family. Keeping our homes green, clean and healthy while reducing or eliminating toxic chemicals and waste can be challenging. Here are 6 highly effective green cleaning tips below to keep your home clean and healthy while sticking to a minimalist lifestyle.

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An entrepreneur at heart I enjoy practicing building things, helping people through the things my hands create and making the world a better place. Building a home, subsistence living and being independent are things I've long desired and am excited to finally be closer to achieving. I believe we are all capable of anything we put our minds to if only we free our mind from fear of the unknown and humbly start from nothing willing to ask for help. All anyone can do is practice, practice, practice. Thankful to all my mentors along the way, both known and unknown. So blessed to share this journey now with Alyssa and have someone with like values, passion and mindset. LET'S EAT!


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