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Welcome to our blog, we are Jesse & Alyssa! We recently quit our lives in the city, bought five acres of land in a remote part of the county, and are starting an off grid homestead 100% from scratch. We have goals of building our own small home, becoming debt-free, becoming self-sufficient, living a healthy life and living life to the fullest.


Why did we start this blog?

We started this blog so that we can help others that wish to pursue a similar lifestyle. There are many homesteading blogs out there that teach you how to start a garden, how to store food and how to raise chickens, but not many focus on the actionable steps of quitting your life in the city and starting a new, simple life in the country… especially when you’re on a tight budget.

We hope that by sharing every detail of our journey (including our monthly expenses) that we can show others how it is possible to get out of the rat race with a little creativity, ingenuity and hard work. From buying land to building a home, we hope to show others actionable steps they can take to create a more simple life.

More About Us & Our Journey

Why We’re Taking This Journey

For the past couple of years we have been having numerous deep conversations about the world and our goals in life. We didn’t feel that the conventional way of living in society would help us accomplish our goals of being self-sustainable and having freedom. We didn’t want corporate jobs, we didn’t want to live in the city, didn’t want to commute to work, didn’t want a mortgage payment, and didn’t want to rely on anyone else for our basic needs.

We agreed that we wanted to own our home on some land (built ourselves, with cash, to avoid a 30-year mortgage), grow our own food garden, have some farm animals, have the option to homeschool our future children, be in control of our income, reduce our need for money all together, produce our own power and have time to live a healthy, rewarding lifestyle.

Since we didn’t want to buy a marked-up property that was already developed, we decided that it would make the most sense to build our homestead from the ground up. We would start small and develop our property as we had time and money. In the end, we hope to have a beautiful, sustainable off-the-grid home and property for under $100,000. Maybe a lot less.

Even though this lifestyle and process will be a lot of work, we feel that the journey will be much more rewarding and satisfying than conventional ways of living in America.

This is no easy feat in today’s system. There are many things holding us back from achieving true, sustainable freedom, but we love that the back-to-the-land movement is gaining traction and we couldn’t be more excited to give it our best shot.

What’s an overview of our strategy?

In short, we just recently (September 2015) bought 5 acres of land in a remote area of the country, are going to build a home, live off-the-grid as much as possible, start a garden, and work on becoming debt free. Eventually we want to get away from needing money at all but in the meantime we will be working to reduce our overhead as much as possible.

To start things off, we are living in a travel trailer while we develop our land and get ready for home building. We built a structure to protect the trailer and make us feel a little more at home. As we create cash we will invest in a full solar setup, drill a well and install septic.

Over time we will think about the type of house we want to build and start collecting homestead tools and materials. Ideally we will use lumber from our land and find reclaimed construction materials at a reasonable cost.

How will we be funding our project?

There are a lot of systems that we need to put in place and many materials to come up with before we are able to start building our home. This means we will need to come up with a significant amount of cash as we are going to try to stay away from credit unless it makes sense… credit can be a great tool when used wisely!

We have multiple mini online businesses and also own a full-service marketing agency. The majority of our income will be created online through our online businesses and digital products and courses we create, with a small percentage coming from marketing clients.

We also have a significant amount of cash tied up in assets we would like to sell as they make sense such as a new car with equity, a brick and mortar business, and a rental property that we would like to sell in the next bubble.

What are our goals in more detail?

Here is a bullet point list of what we would like to achieve in our life.

Short Term

Long Term

  • Drill a well
  • Build something like a timber frame home. No stick built stuff. Or build a log home.
  • Create a home that is extremely energy efficient and has a lot of flow
  • Start our family and weave raising children in with work, building a home, homeschooling, and teach them the skills of hard work & entrepreneurship
  • Have a flourishing garden that is more than enough food to feed our family
  • Have a food storage system so that we can continue to eat food from our land throughout the winter months
  • Be 100% self-sufficient on land that we own
  • Eat 100% organic and local. While working on developing our homesteading skills we would like to shop at the local farmers market, eat local meat, eat clean, etc.
  • Make health a priority. Health is not simply eating clean but covers a variety of needs.
  • Practice minimalism – we are always working at doing with less.
  • Invest in quality things – we enjoy living with few things but want to invest in buying quality things that make sense
  • Have a natural home – I’m very passionate about making my own products for the things we need, using essential oils, would love to learn to make soaps, etc.
  • Learn how to protect our assets and build wealth to pass down to future generations
  • Invest in more land and maybe build additional dwellings and cabins to rent out or manage through Airbnb
  • Focus a lot more on helping others and giving back in ways that make a difference
  • Help others achieve financial freedom, health, wealth & happiness

How can you follow along the journey?

If you would like to follow along on our journey then the best way would be to subscribe to our blog via our email newsletter. We will notify you when we have a new blog post up and also with any exclusive offers for our subscribers such as webinars and giveaways.

In addition, feel free to follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram! We post a lot of “micro posts” and updates to those channels that don’t always make it to the blog.

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