Attending a Timber Framing Workshop: A First Hand Account

In preparation of the building of our debt-free timber frame home, we thought it would be a wise idea to first attend a timber framing workshop for some first-hand experience! We hope to document the journey on this page.

Since we hope to start construction of our home in early summer or fall at the latest, and since we didn’t start looking for workshops to attend until about six weeks ago, we were somewhat limited on our option. That said, there are many timber framing classes hosted around the United States (and other countries) every single year.

The workshop we decided to take is the Post and Beam workshop at the Shelter Institute in Woolwich, Maine. Talk about having to travel over halfway across the United States!

No, there weren’t any closer that we could attend in this timeframe!

Our goal is to shoot a video a day at the workshop and not only share some of the things we learned, but also to share what the workshop experience is like and how we think it will contribute to the building of our home.

We are excited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and can’t wait to step off the plane in Maine!

Step 1: Finding an Off Grid Property Sitter for a Full Week

Trying to find a helping hand to ensure smooth sailing on our property for an entire week is a challenge to say the least. Our property in it’s current state can’t be checked in on once a day for ten minutes.

In this video, we talk about designing a prison vs. designing a self-sufficient homestead. We don’t feel we will have a perma-prison, but at this point in our life, our property isn’t something we trust a teenager with limited experience to manage. It’s not as simple as putting food down for the cat once a day.

We’re fortunate enough to have a highly-trusted property sitter (Jesse’s sister!) that traveled over 7 hours to stay the week at our property. Without her, both of us taking this trip (and keeping our sanity while doing so) wouldn’t have been possible.

Packing for The Timber Frame Workshop

Packing was something of great concern to us since we’re not just packing a bag of clothing each. We each need to have a full set of timber framing tools, work clothing, all of our videography equipment (including the drone, just in case) and Jesse’s chiropractic tools since he’s in rehab for an ongoing back issue.

In this video, we’ll share what our pre-pack day looks like… you know… practice for THE BIG DAY! We’re happy to say that with a little ingenuity, we were able to make everything fit (we think)!


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