Adding the Best Laser Level to Our Toolbox

We purchased bare land two years ago and since we’re developing our debt-free home from the ground up, a laser level is something we’ve needed for a long time. We’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to buy one new but we finally bit the bullet and bought the best laser level for our needs!

The Problem With Buying a Used Laser Level

First off, as with most tools on this property, we tried to buy used. For the past couple of years, we’ve had a saved search on Craigslist for a laser level. Once upon a time, we even tried to go look at one two hours away but the lady was a flake and stood us up. Luckily, we had other errands to run in the area.

After seeing many listings come up, there was one thing in common with them all: they were in great condition, only slightly used, but barely had a cost reduction.

We figured it was way safer to buy a brand new one to protect our investment.

If we were only going to save $100 buy buying used, then it wasn’t worth the risk because there was a chance the laser level was dropped or something.

And, in all honesty, for such a precision instrument, buying new really does seem the way to go, all things considered.

A low-quality or damaged laser level could cost you THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars in the end, not to mention, a less than ideal structure.

The Problem With Cheap Laser Levels

When we were trying to build our hot tub and hot tub deck, we were trying to use a string level when we said “Screw this, we’re buying a laser level!”

We ran to Home Depot and bought a $100 laser level. We did look at the expensive ones but since money was tight at the time, we didn’t feel we could justify it.

Long story short, the laser level was complete garbage. Over just 16′ or so, the laser level was 4″ off or so. Not okay.

Check out our unboxing of that laser level, but PLEASE DON’T BUY it! You have been warned!

The BEST Laser Level for Our Needs

So, what is the best laser level? It really depends on your needs!

We chose to buy a laser level that was brand-name and that was reputable. A Bosch.

There are many different Bosch laser level kits (this is the one we bought). We will go into more detail on why we bought this exact kit at a later point (I need Jesse’s help for that portion of the post!), but for now, please enjoy the explanation in our unboxing video!

We’ll update this post later with more information on this laser level, our experience, and about laser levels in general so stay tuned!

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