What People Don’t Talk About When Going Off-Grid or Homesteading: Well-Meaning Critics

If you have ever gone down the path less traveled, then you know while it may be rewarding, it is also faced with multiple challenges and problems, hence the reason it is less traveled than the beaten path. There are many reasons not to take the path less traveled, but the beaten … [Read more...]

9 Things Learned in Our Year-Long House Rehabbing Project

In preparation for our journey and buying land, we ended up trading 40 hours a month of labor on a rehab project in exchange for free rent. This helped fund our down payment on land + other expenses in preparation for our journey. A win-win for everyone involved.

A year ago when Jesse and I decided that we wanted to buy land and build a home in Idaho we realized that to accomplish those goals we needed a number of things to happen. Some things we needed to work on to give us that option included: Building a business that made us money … [Read more...]