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Where exactly do you live?
We live in Idaho but due to security reasons, we prefer not to give out more details than that. We also believe that it’s important for everyone to do their own research on the best place to start a homestead as that is part of the journey, and the best place for us may not be the best for you and your family. There are many great locations in the US (and outside of the US as well) to embark on a similar journey.

Are you interested in a meet-up?
We receive hundreds of emails from folks wishing to meet up with us and even though we publish a lot of our life online, we also value our privacy so at this point, we’re not interested in doing any in-person meet-ups. We hope that you can continue to find inspiration in what we do share online.

How much money did it cost you to start your homestead?
We get this question frequently, so we decided to start keeping track of our homesteading expenses on our blog! Take a look at that page to get an understanding of what we’ve spent to date and what we’re spending month over month. We will keep this updated throughout our journey.

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