Declutter the Bathroom

Declutter the Bathroom |

This weekend, I decided to declutter the bathroom. I declutter quite often; it’s rather addicting. Each time I go on a mission, I find more things to get rid of and it makes my mind feel more clear. Does that make sense?

I have been on a mission to live with less. I am sure I will write a blog post on why I’m wanting to live a more minimalist lifestyle, but that is not a post for right now. I want to live with less, have less material possessions and also have my home be as pure and non-toxic as possible.

Now prior to decluttering this weekend, I already had a fairly clean bathroom. In the past, I have had all sorts of cleaning supplies, hair products, makeup, hair accessories, lotions, body sprays, you name it. Over the past couple of years I have removed all the excess that I don’t wish to use daily.

Here are some pictures of my decluttered bathroom and some commentary.

Declutter the Bathroom |

This is my bathroom. All I have on the counters are fake flowers (I can’t keep real ones alive), a jewelry box, an essential oil burner, q-tips and soap.

Declutter the Bathroom |

This is the cabinet under my sink. The blue box are my cleaning supplies consisting of homemade shower cleaner (vinegar and dish soap), vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Then I have extra q-tips, cotton swabs, toilet paper, epsom salts, extra shampoo/conditioner and my trash.

Declutter the Bathroom |

These are my cleaning products. Believe it or not, I can keep the shower and toilet sparkling clean with these products and more comfortable using them than harsh chemicals. I also have a homemade, all-purpose cleaner for counters and mirrors which is not in this picture. That’s it!

Declutter the Bathroom |

These are the products I still can’t part with. Hair is hard to deal with naturally but I will bite the bullet soon and try to forego commercial products. I use coconut oil as sunscreen most of the time, but there are still those days in summer when I am outside all day long and I’m not sure if it’s better to get burned or smother chemicals all over my body.

Declutter the Bathroom |

This is my little bathroom drawer. This used to be stuffed with random products. Now it has my blow dryer, straightener, dry brush, lighter, brush and makeup bag.

Declutter the Bathroom |

Speaking of makeup, this is all I use. I’d like to get to the point where I don’t feel like I NEED any to go out of the house but I am not there yet.

Declutter the Bathroom |

This is my shower. Pretty minimal.

Declutter the Bathroom |

Shower products: shampoo, conditioner, castille soap, my exfoliating pumpkin face scrub and a razor.

Declutter the Bathroom |

This is my medicine cabinet- hardly used for medicine! Here you fill find my toothbrush, toothpaste, retainers I haven’t really worn in a long time, floss stuff, little containers for hair ties and bobby pins, themomemters, syringe, an ibuprofen stash that will probably last me years and some homeopathic travel medicine leftover from moving my cats to Colorado.

Declutter the Bathroom |

This is another cabinet in my bathroom- I’ll call it the linen/laundry cabinet. Here I have extra towels, a couple extra pillow cases, my homemade laundry detergent, a bucket with car washing supplies, and kitty supplies (the Litter Kwitter, travel water bowl, harnesses and leashes and cones which I can probably get rid of).

In one more cabinet not pictured, I have homemade deodorant, homemade mouthwash, a small shameful box of nail polish that I can’t seem to part with yet despite how toxic it is, some oils for my skin and a box of essential oils for many purposes.

And that’s it! Even this I feel like is a lot of stuff still but it’s better than what I’ve had in the past. I am going to continue asking myself what I no longer need or what I can do without for the sake of simplicity.

Do you occasionally declutter the bathroom? What things have you found you can do without? What tips do you have to keeping things clean and organized? Post your answers in the comment section below!

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