Natural Hair Spray

Today I will share with you how to make natural hair spray. On my quest of making everything in my life as natural and eco-friendly as possible, I have decided it was time to go through my house to see what things are used on a daily basis that contain harsh chemicals. Not only do I want to eat as clean as possible, but I want to eliminate toxins that are used in my environment as well as toxins I put on my body in the form of lotions, soaps and other cosmetic products.

Since I’ve started making my own cleaners, deodorants and laundry detergents, I felt that one of the last things left was to make my own natural hair spray. I thought this would be impossible and I would either have to live with limp hair that has a mind of its own, or accept the fact that I would start my day off every morning by drenching my head in chemicals that I would continue to breath throughout the day. The second just didn’t seem like an option to me. I stumbled upon something that will make you say “That will NEVER work, there’s no way!”

Sugar water hair spray. Yes, you heard me right. This hairspray is made out of two simple ingredients: sugar and water. Not only does this eliminate all chemicals in your hair spray, but it is cheap to make and you can make it smell however you want with essential oils. My favorite is lavender!

This recipe calls for 4 tps sugar to 1 cup of water. It does need to be in a fine-mist bottle, otherwise you may spray too much and cover your body in stickiness (yep, been there in my experimenting). If you find this is too stiff or not stiff enough for your liking after a few sprays, adjust the amount of sugar to your liking.

Here is the recipe!


Green Hair Spray

  1. Heat water on stove or in microwave.
  2. Add sugar.
  3. Stir to dissolve.
  4. Add essential oil.


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