Our Off Grid Homesteading Videos

Welcome to our Pure Living for Life video page! In addition to trying to document our journey throughout the blog, we also try to do our best to document via video as well! We try to keep these informative, to-the-point, but also entertaining. We hope you enjoy our videos!

How to best watch these videos?

Below, you will find our videos in reverse chronological order. To watch them in order, click “older videos” until you reach the last page of videos, and start from there!

How can you help us to produce more videos?

Videos take A LOT of time for us to produce. We aim for quality rather than quantity, so each video takes from 10-20 hours to create, edit, upload and share with our followers. We do get a small amount of income from ads displayed on the videos but that doesn’t even come close to compensating for the effort it takes to produce them! If you genuinely enjoy our videos and want to help us create more of them, visit our support page to see how you can help us out without spending a dime!