Best Collection of Real-Life Homesteading Videos

Welcome to the Pure Living for Life video page! We recently quit our lives in the city to start a homestead from scratch and have decided to document our entire journey via video… we hope you enjoy them!

We’ve been living on our homestead since September of 2015 and this year, we are hoping to begin on the construction of our timber frame home! In our videos, we share the good, bad, ugly, and try to keep things lighthearted and interesting along the way!

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A real life documentation of a young couple starting a homestead from scratch... also known as your next favorite "tv show"!Creating videos and documenting our journey is a lot of work… we spend a minimum of 40 hours per week documenting and sharing our journey. There are many ways you can help that don’t involve spending money… check them out here! And what we appreciate the most is simply spreading the love and sharing our content on social media! Especially by pinning the pin to the right!