RV Deck Plans + Platform for Our Portable RV Garage

We’ve been living on our land in Idaho for one week now and are happy to report that we are loving it! We’ve been making small improvements to our land and trailer to increase our standard of living incrementally, and our first project entailed building a deck for our trailer and portable RV garage.

As we will only be living in a travel trailer temporarily, we really don’t want to spend much money or energy on the whole setup. We would like to conserve our resources for developing our land and building our barn and house. That said, we need to be reasonable with ourselves and splurge here and there for comfort’s sake.

Creative solution for living in a travel trailer! A raised Garage in a Box + platform for kicking off your shoes.
Ta da! Nifty solution, eh? Aren’t you dying to kick off your shoes on this deck?

In any large life transition such as this, it is important to be realistic with your needs. If you come from living the big city life in LA, it’s probably pretty unreasonable to think you can pull the plug, quit your lifestyle cold turkey, and move to the middle of nowhere, 30 miles down a dirt road, 4 hours from the nearest grocery store, with no power or water. That would likely result in frustration and a quick return to your old lifestyle.

We quickly realized that we were tracking a lot of dust and dirt into our home and had no option but to set things in the dirt if they weren’t in our trailer. We figured that a deck would be awesome because it would give us a place to kick off our shoes, set up a garbage can, set out food for the kitties, and set things such as tools.

We also didn’t have enough clearance for our newly assembled portable RV garage. We figured that if we could raise the garage in a box 18″ or so then we could drive through with ease, making trips to get water less of a headache.

With the creative mind that Jesse has, he came up with a great solution to give us some additional clearance for our garage in a box and build a deck, for just $220. Watch the video below for the full story and to view some fun clips of the assembly!

Below is a rough sketch of what our plans looked like as well as our supplies list. The entire solution cost us just $220 (+ $500 for our garage in a box). Not bad for a temporary dwelling that we can either resell or reuse the materials of. Much better than a $1,500+ carport!

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  1. Paul says

    I love the videos, keep-em coming. Great job by the way. Got a question, probably asked b 4 but…why did you choose Idaho? There’s lots of choices, just curious as to why , like anything specific, you both wanted a colder climate, like dust, haha thanks for all ur sharing and congratulations.

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