How We Researched, Found and Purchased the Best Land For Our Off Grid Homestead


One of the questions we are frequently asked on the blog is "How did you find land to start your homestead on?". This is not a simple or straightforward answer. Finding the exact land we wanted to purchase for homesteading and living off the grid was the result of a lot of … [Read more...]

Our DIY Sawhorses: Learning to Build a Home by Starting with Small Projects

Building stuff is not all fun and games... it's serious business and there are real risks. Although we do have our fair share of fun :-)

The reason we are sharing our entire journey of developing a homestead from scratch is because it's not simply something you can wake up an do one day... it takes practice. Not only do you need to collect all the materials you need to build with, but you also need the skills to … [Read more...]