Top 30 Homesteading Blogs & Websites

Does the idea of disconnecting from the grid and exploring a life outside of modern comfort sounds intriguing to you? If yes, you’re probably an adventurous soul who wants to face challenges that test even the most experienced self-sufficient household! You’re not alone; more and more people are getting interested in the idea of going back to their roots, becoming self-sufficient, and creating things from scratch.

As a fellow homesteader, we have decided to compile the top 30 homesteading blogs that became our favorites! These are listed in no particular order, but we can give you the assurance that they’re all great resources for those who are interested in giving homesteading a try. We’ve organized this list by “top general homesteading blogs“, “top off grid homesteading blogs” and “top urban homesteading blogs” (click links to jump straight to sections).

Top 10 General Homesteading Blogs

The Easy Homestead

the easy homestead

The Easy Homestead is a blog created by Jean and her husband Beau, who’s sometimes referred to as “Mountain Man.” It’s a blog that talks about their coming-to-be farm which they named “North Fork Farms.” Here, you’ll discover a lot of recipes, adventures, and everything else that you can enjoy from homesteading. The authors of this blog promise the readers that they’ll see what real homesteading is all about– the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Topics Covered: Homesteading, farm animals, gardening, DIY, natural home/health/body, raising kids, tips for the home, using essential oils, recipes, and homemade items

The Prairie Homestead

the prairie homestead

The Prairie Homestead is a homestead blog of Jill, who is a gardener, a farm animal raiser, and an essential oil junkie. In her blog, you’ll discover the freedom brought by homesteading. Although she doesn’t claim to be an expert, she can give you the assurance that she’ll share her success stories, failures, and victories related to homesteading, with hopes that the readers would be inspired to create their own homesteading story as well.

Topics Covered: Garden, animals, important home skills, and homesteading

The Browning Homestead

the browning homestead

The Browning Homestead started out as a personal blog that documents the family adventures of the blogger. However, it quickly evolved right after the family discovered the joys of homesteading and learning about growing their own food, traditional cooking, and animal husbandry. With that, they utilized this blog to document everything they have learned, hoping that it will also inspire others to do the same. Here, you’ll find a wide range of information ranging from dairy cow talks, to testimonies of struggle and strife on the farm to traditional cooking.

Topics Covered: Homesteading, farming, animals, and recipes

Homestead Honey

homestead honey

Homestead Honey is the perfect place for homesteading information, inspiration, and resources. Here, Terry Page shares their off-grid homesteading, homeschooling life with a belief that it could also help other people start their homesteading dream. Some of their popular posts include “Building a Tiny House,” “Living Off-Grid,” and “Organic Gardening.”

Topics Covered: Homesteading, gardening, how to build a tiny house, off-grid living, homeschooling, and crafting

A Modern Homestead


Victoria from A Modern Homestead is a born and raised 10th generation Texan with strong roots in Southern “from scratch” cooking, REAL skills, and common sense living. With a family of three on one income, Victoria is a pro at frugal living and not only has her family paid of $60,000 in deb in three years, but she has figured out how to eat an all-organic diet for $188/month!

Topics Covered: Homesteading, frugal living, canning, knitting, soap making, recipes and more

Lady Lee’s Home

lady lee's home

Lady Lee’s Home is a blog by Liron (but many call her Lee!) and she is passionate about homemade and homegrown everything! She was born in Israel and raised in a small agricultural community called kibbutz where everything was grown, made and shared. She is creative, a go-getter, and hopes that her blog serves as an inspiration to others that wish to start growing a garden and living a bit more on the natural side. Not only does she provide great content and great ideas, but she is a riot and her blog posts always make us laugh!

Topics Covered: Food, gardening, DIY, natural remedies and more

The Elliott Homestead

the elliott homestead

The Elliot Homestead is a blog that’s filled with homesteading experiences of Shaye, the owner of the Elliot Homestead. Here, she shares the best ways to enjoy a life on the farm, such as canning peaches, using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones, and best of all, the tasty dishes you can make using the crops you’ve grown!

Topics Covered: Recipes, meal plans, essential oils, animals, and homesteading

Montana Homesteader

montana homesteader

Montana Homesteader features a small family of three that recently purchased 4.5 acres of land in Montana. The homestead they purchased was a “fixer upper” and the house needed over two months of work just to move in! They practice gardening, raising meat chickens, keeping bees, food preservation, solar power and more. A truly beautiful blog.

Topics Covered: Homesteading, gardening, beekeeping, canning and wild harvesting

Little Mountain Haven

little mountain haven blog

Little Mountain Haven features a young family living in the west Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. Through their blog, they hope to inspire others to reduce their grocery bill and increase their self-sufficiency and health through things like gardening and food preparation. If you want LOTS of gardening ideas, this is the site to visit! Not only do they have great ideas but their blog is gorgeous and easy-to-navigate!

Topics Covered: Recipes, homesteading, gardening, homeschooling and essential oils

Chickadee Homestead

chickadee homestead blog

Chickadee Homestead is Linsdey’s little space on the interwebs, where she shares her love for all things simple, delicious, natural, and homesteading. Natural and organic farming practices are the main focus of this website, as Lindsey works toward a long-term goal of raising and growing 80% of their own food. The reason why Lindsey started this blog is because, she wants to inspire others to become more self-reliant and lead a natural lifestyle.

Topics Covered: Homesteading, farming, essential oils

The Homesteading Hippy

the homesteading hippy blog

Heather from The Homestead Hippy started her homesteading adventure in 2006 with a couple of raised beds and a lot of seeds! Since then, she’s learned a lot about running a successful homestead and hopes to encourage her readers to start where they can and learn along the way.

Topics Covered: Animals, preparedness, frugal living, green living, natural living, kitchen

Top 10 Off Grid Homesteading Blogs

Pure Living for Life

pure living for life - off grid homesteading blog

Pure Living for Life is our own blog where we share our journey of quitting our lives in the city to starting a homestead from scratch on five acres in the country! We will be documenting the journey of building our home with materials from our property, will be fully off grid, and eventually develop our own sustainable homestead. We will be providing expense reports month-to-month as well as ideas for you to implement for your own journey.

Topics Covered: Quitting life in the city, homestead expenses, reclaimed materials, finances, timber framing, lumber milling, construction and more

Off Grid

Off Grid is a blog filled with articles about going off the grid, alternative energy, living off the land, off grid ways to operate a homestead, waste reducing, innovative products, up-cycling ideas, and Craig’s journey out of the rat race.

Topics Covered: Off grid homesteading, recycling, alternative energy, off grid products, off grid cooking and food preservation, and natural recipes

Judy of the Woods

Judy of the Woods is an off the grid homestead website that promotes simple living. It’s filled with entries about building a log cabin and a house, and how to make use of what’s available. Likewise, it also gives the idea of what tools to use to design your own place. The content offered on this blog is for information and inspiration, and it’s up to the readers to ascertain its correctness.

Topics Covered: Wild food, simple living, off grid homestead, and running a small business

Off Grid, Self-Sufficient, Montanna Homestead Life

Off Grid, Self-Sufficient, Montana Homestead Life is a personal blog of a family living on an almost self-sufficient, off grid homestead in the mountains of northwestern Montana, where their lifestyle is a blend of both old and new technologies. Their goal is to share their experiences as they try to be as self-sufficient as possible on the family’s 20-acre homestead land.

Topics Covered: Off grid homesteading, camping, solar power energy, and wind power energy

Wayward Spark

Wayward Spark is an off grid homestead blog of a family living in an off-the-grid, tiny cabin in rural Western Oregon. Their blog talks about how the family got into living an off grid lifestyle, and they also share some tips and advice on how to renovate one’s kitchen, living quarters, and facade to fit the homesteader’s needs. It’s a blog that’s educational, entertaining, and best of all, inspirational.

Topics Covered: Animal husbandry, child rearing, beekeeping, cooking, food preservation, homemaking, gardening, hunting and gathering, local ecology, off-grid living, and wood craft.


One of the reasons why VelaCreations was created is because the family behind this blog wants to share their experiences and accomplishments with those who are interested in doing something similar. For those who would want to know how the creators started on this path to off grid homesteading, you’re in for a treat, because everything about off grid homesteading is documented in this blog.

Topics Covered: Animals, gardening, recipes, off grid lifestyles, off grid homesteading

Making Our Sustainable Life

Enter the world of off grid homesteading in Making Our Sustainable Life. They talk about how to build an eco-friendly, sustainable and self-sufficient homestead, as they encourage the readers that it’s possible to live a simple life, and nothing can be better than that.

Topics Covered: Off grid homesteading, food preservation, soap making, DIY projects

Top 10 Urban Homesteading Blogs

Olive and Owl

olive and owl - urban homesteading blog

Olive and Owl is an urban homesteading blog maintained by a full-time homemaker and mother of two spunky little girls known as “V” and “S.” Her blog is filled with all kinds of radical goodness, ranging from gardening and cooking with whole foods, to crafting, sewing, parenting, and even mama musings.

Topics Covered: Gardening, cooking, crafts, life learning, photography, urban homesteading, recipes, travels, and natural parenting

Root Simple

root simple blog

Root Simple is the urban homesteading blog of Erik Knutzen and Kelly Coyne, the authors of Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World and The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living in the Heat of the City. Go back to the basics, DIY living, cultural alchemy, and how to cultivate homegrown herbs– all of these can be found in the blog. To simply put, Root Simple is a gathering place for everyone.

Topics Covered: Gardening, urban homesteading, animals, herbal medicines, transportation, shaving, and food preservation

Adventures in Urban Homesteading

The Adventures in Urban Homesteading is formerly known as “Northwest Meets Midwest,” where Aimee shares the absurdities and adventures of living in the Midwest for someone who came from the Northwest. It’s a blog that talks about how her family fell in love with urban homesteading, local fanaticism, canning, preserving, chicken raising, and many more.

Topics Covered: Urban homesteading, canning, food preservation, animals, craft, and sewing

Five Little Homesteaders

five little homesteaders

The Five Little Homesteaders is a personal blog of a young family raising children (and chickens) in nature. The blog talks about the basics of gardening, as well as their urban homesteading adventures with hopes that it would lead their family down the path of a more sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Topics Covered: Urban homesteading, chickens, gardening, children, and wellness

Kiwi Urban Homestead


Do you grow food in your garden? Thinking about it? Or you’re wondering and looking for tips on how to get started? Likewise, do you want to know the best ways on how to preserve food, feed your family well, and cut costs? The Kiwi Urban Homestead has the answer to these questions. It’s an urban homesteading page that’s perfect for homestead beginners and everyone who wants to live a simple life.

Topics Covered: Homesteading, gardening, food preservation, and budgeting

Seattle Homestead

Seattle Homestead was created to chronicle the urban homesteading and gardening adventures of a couple in their new home in West Seattle. You’ll get regular homesteading updates on this blog as they document their urban homesteading lifestyle– which includes the ups and downs during the process.

Topics Covered: Gardening, urban homesteading, chicken raising

Happy Simple Living

Happy Simple Living is a blog where you can explore ideas and discover how rewarding it can be to live a simple life, enjoy good food, save money, and pursue sustainable living.

Topics Covered: Gardening, homesteading, solar energy, and small town living

Double N Urban Farm


Double N Urban Farm is the urban homestead blog of a happily married couple who tries to fulfill their homesteading dreams on one half acre. Their goal is to offer tips and advices on how to enjoy the freshest produce using organic methods as they educate the readers about the importance of local.

Topics Covered: Urban homesteading, gardening, recipes, food preservation

Farmer Meg’s Digest


Farmer Meg’s Digest is managed by Megan Paska who is from Baltimore, moved to Brooklyn, NY where she practiced urban homesteading, and has finally moved to a large farm in NJ with her husband where they have an acre of vegetables, herbs and flowers, 100 heritage chickens, and operate a CSA that feeds about 45 families. She is an experienced homesteader, to say the least!

Topics Covered: Urban homesteading, beekeeping, gardening, livestock, mycology, home brewing and more

City Girl Farming Blog


The City Girl Farming Blog will teach you some of the best ways on how to grow your own food in the city, even with constricted spaced and animal limits. Nothing is impossible to achieve your homesteading dreams!

Topics Covered: Urban homesteading, gardening, animal raising, and recipes