Pure Living for Life YouTube Videos

Welcome to the Pure Living for Life video page! We recently quit our lives in the city to start a homestead from scratch, including building our own home and have decided to document our entire journey via video… we hope you enjoy them!

What type of homesteading videos do we show?

Some may think of homesteading as gardening, chickens, canning and general self-sufficiency. That’s what we’re about, at least our long-term goals.

However, seeing as we bought bare land with NO utilities on it (we’ve been off-grid for 2.5 years running off of portable solar panelsl although we’re connecting to power soon), we’ve had A LOT of work to do to just get settled.

While we’ve had one garden so far, and even butchered a rooster for food, our daily life has been consumed with building our very own timber frame house with our bare hands. Our time has been consumed with things like pouring concrete footings, icf construction and radiant floor heating.

So, if you’re looking on how to grow the perfect garden, we’re not the blog for you. We won’t be honing our gardening skills for a while – but we are working our hardest to build the foundation of our homestead from the ground up, debt free, and hope to share the good and bad along the way!

The Pure Living for Life YouTube Channel

Here are all of our videos in reverse-chronological order. More or less, we film and publish daily videos of not just our house build but the development of our property that overtime, we hope to turn into our own little self-sufficient homestead.

If you’d rather, feel free to jump over to our actual YouTube channel for different playlists, even a playlist to watch our videos from the very beginning in chronological order!

How can you help us produce more of these videos?

A real life documentation of a young couple starting a homestead from scratch... also known as your next favorite "tv show"!Creating videos and documenting our journey is a lot of work… we spend a minimum of 40 hours per week documenting and sharing our journey.

There are many ways you can help that don’t involve spending money… check them out here! And what we appreciate the most is simply spreading the love and sharing our content on social media! Especially by pinning the pin to the right!

Want to follow our homebuild and homestead development?

Things move fast around our neck of the woods – every day is a new adventure!

For real-time updates and progress feel free to follow us on both Facebook and Instagram. It’s easy for us to post photos which is why these platforms are real-time, more or less.

For the best content on our journey, subscribe to our YouTube channel where we do our best to make our videos enjoyable and even educational (that is, showing what we’re learning including our successes and failures). These videos generally aren’t real-time but are often a couple weeks behind because in our busy homebuilding schedule, it can be challenging to find time for a 4-6 hour video edit!

That’s all for now – see you around!